Birth of a Regiment


Commanding Officers

Six officers held the formal appointment of Commanding Officer during world war one. At various times, command of the Patricia’s fell on the shoulders of more junior officers as a result of casualties. During early part of the Frezenberg battle in May 1915, Major Hamilton Gault was in command.Lieutenant Colonel Buller had been wounded at the outset of the action on May 4th. By the end of the battle on May 8th, Lt Hugh Niven was in commanded of the survivors, as Gault and all of the more senior officers had been killed or wounded. On September 28th, 1918 at Canal du Nord, when Lieutenant Colonel Charles Stewart was killed, Captain James Edgar assumed command. He was an original who joined the regiment in August 1914 as a private. He was replaced the following day when Captain George Little, another original returned to duty. Little remained in command until the end of the battle. On October 2, 1918, Alfred Pearson, another original who had joined as a private, was promoted acting Lieutenant Colonel to assume command until the end of the war. Finally, on November 22, 1914, Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton Gault, the gallant old soldier who had founded the Regiment and lost a leg at Sanctuary Wood returned to take his Regiment home.

Each of the sections below will take you to a brief biographical sketch of those who held the appointment of Commanding Officer, PPCLI.

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