Birth of a Regiment


Digital History

Having reviewed some of the source material and the historiographic context of the proposed site, it is perhaps useful to outline some of the source material that was unavailable to earlier historians and largely unused by later writers like Bercuson.  Several excellent data bases are now available on-line.  These include the Canadian Great War Project, Library and Archives Canada – Soldiers of the First World War, The Canadian Letters and Images Project and other specialized sites that provide additional material on soldier who served with the regiment like Walter Draycot whose war time panoramic sketches from the trench lines are unique.

It is also important to consider how military history sites have chosen to tell their stories.  Perhaps the best current example of digital military history is War in the Pacific, an iPad app by Richard Overy.  Although intended as a digital version of a coffee table history, Overy includes a number of compelling features we will strive to replicate.  Battle narratives typically include photos that can be viewed full size, battle maps and images of archival documents.  Easy access to pop-up vignettes of major characters or equipment mentioned in the text also adds value without distracting the viewer from the central narrative.  There are some features that would be highly desirable but are beyond our current resources including interactive maps, timelines, video and sound files.  Thankfully web sites are not frozen.  We expect in due course that the Regiment will add additional features as time and resources allow.

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