Birth of a Regiment


Soldier Files

This page provides links to the personal files of the following individual soldiers.  While we have included all VC winners in this selection we have also included a selection of other members of the regiment that may be of interest to historians and students.  Large files have been sub divided for convenience but should be read as a single file.

Archie Albrow


Hugh McKenzie

158_McKenzie_Hugh Part 1  1158_McKenzie_Hugh Part 2

Alfred Hill

1592_HILL_ ALFRED Part 1  1592_HILL_ ALFRED Part 2

Thomas Hasted


George Mullin

51339_Mullin_George Part 1  51339_Mullin_George Part 2

Charles Holmes

411143_HOLMES_Charles Part 1  411143_HOLMES_Charles Part 2  411143_HOLMES_Charles Part 3  411143_HOLMES_Charles Part 4

Robert Spall


Delbert Heslin

2005634_HESLIN_Delbert Part 1  2005634_HESLIN_Delbert Part 22005634_HESLIN_Delbert Part 3  2005634_HESLIN_Delbert Part 4

Thomas Crosthwaite



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